Friday, August 21, 2015

Why Giving Something Back to the Community is So Important for Business People

There are so many problems in the world around us, and most of us often feel that we would like to do more to help. Whether it is the issues facing our local communities, our country, or faraway places in the world, it can be difficult to look at the problems people (and other creatures) are facing without wishing we could somehow make things better. Of course, many of us try in small ways to make a difference, whether by giving money to charity, spreading the word about causes that matter to us, or by using our time to try and make the world a better place, however most people don't have the resources to help as much as they'd like to.

This is why it is so inspiring and uplifting when people who have found the financial success to do it actually use their money and influence for charitable and community endeavors.

Successful People Can Be Great Role Models
Successful entrepreneurs can be true role models, both in business and in terms of how they conduct themselves once they have found success. People aspiring to make a successful life for themselves look to those who have done so before them, and the ones who have not only made an impact on the business world or innovated in their field, but also helped their communities or became philanthropists can also teach us about the importance of sharing our resources with those who need them, giving the same opportunities we have had to others, and remaining humble.

A Businessman Who Makes a Difference
A good example is software entrepreneur Aubrey Chernick – he founded one of the most successful software businesses of the 80's, Candle, and now uses his time, money and influence both to help good causes and create opportunities for young people. You can see more about him in this Aubrey Chernick photo album. He's been recognized many times over not just for his achievements in business, but also for the differences he has made to the world as a philanthropist.

Of course, it is not just business people who can be good role models by engaging in philanthropy--anybody successful and influential in their field can raise the bar by doing this, and we tend to remember the names of the entertainers and athletes, for example, who are known to be givers.

If You Ever Make It Big
If you are reading this with your own aspirations towards big success, try always to remember to make a place for giving in your life, especially as your resources grow. Philanthropy is not only vital to some causes, but can also give you a greater reward than all kinds of other achievements as you know you are making a lasting positive change.

Remember too that often, people seek inspiration from successful people, and by being a good role model you can help other people also find a way to make a difference.


  1. Love the meaning and the transparency of this post!