Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Top Ways to Prevent Back Pain as You Get Older

The bones and discs in your spine will degenerate, shrink, and get worn down as you age, and this could lead to soreness, aches, and stiffness throughout your back. However, back pain doesn’t have to be an inevitable symptom of getting older. Instead, you can take control and take steps to prevent back pain before it starts.

Use a Product That Helps Heal the Back
There are several high quality back pain relieving products on the market, such as those that are found on The BackRack, in particular, is a very popular product because it can help relieve spine related pain that could be caused by a variety of conditions, including sciatica. It can even help to reduce numbness that’s the result of bulging discs in the spine. When used appropriately, the BackRack will reduce stiffness and pain and increase mobility and flexibility without any side effects.

Stay Active
Another one of the top ways to prevent back pain as you get older is to make it a point to stay active. While resting may be necessary at certain times, it actually turns out that exercise could be the best way to treat back pain, particularly if it’s in your lower back. The key is to strengthen your entire core region, as well as the muscles that support the spine, and to also maintain a good range of motion by stretching regularly. Just stick with low-impact workouts that are gentle if you’re experiencing a lot of stiffness and pain, and slowly work your way to more advanced workouts like cardio and strength training.

Maintain Good Posture
To prevent back pain as you age, you need to be mindful of your posture at all times. Bear in mind
that your spine features a natural curve, but that curve could become warped if you are always sitting in a chair and exhibiting poor posture. In fact, sitting in a chair, such as your office chair, could put as much as 40 per cent more weight upon your spine. It can even start to adversely affect your
vertebrae in just 20 minutes, particularly if you slouch.

Follow these guidelines to achieve the right posture while sitting at a desk:

  •  Elbows should bend at 90 degrees
  •  Your gaze should land on the middle of your computer screen
  •  Your buttocks should be against the back of the chair
  •  Add a pillow, if necessary, to support your lower back and maintain its natural slight arch
  •  Avoid slouching forward or slumping

Consider Alternative, Natural Therapies
Keep your spine healthy and your back flexible by opting for some of the many natural alternative therapies that are available. You can, for example, see a chiropractor for regular adjustments, you
can see an acupuncturist, and you can get regular massages.

If you are worried that you are going to have to deal with back pain when you get older, fear not, as
there are many things that you can do to prevent the pain before it occurs.


  1. Great tips. If someone do experience back pain, even if you think the cause is aging, don't ignore it. It could be a sign of a serious, but treatable disease. You don't have to live with back pain, no matter what your age. Talk to your doctor and see what can be done to provide back pain relief.