Thursday, August 4, 2016

Three Reasons to Choose Your Own Engagement Ring

Weddings and engagements probably have more traditions surrounding them than anything else we still generally do, but traditions change over time (which is why brides no longer have to endure Game of Thrones style 'bedding ceremonies'), and also carry less importance for some people than others. One of the traditions around marriage that seems to be becoming less commonly observed is the way a man proposes to a woman. A lot of people find the whole 'down on one knee' thing corny and embarrassing, and also, no longer hold with the tradition that the man should already have a ring to give his bride to be when he proposes.

More and more couples are choosing the engagement ring together, or in some cases the woman is choosing it for herself without much input from her husband to be at all. Here are three reasons why it can be a good thing to choose your own engagement ring Dallas:

You Have to Wear It Forever
If your partner buys you a pair of earrings you don't really love, you can just put them on occasionally so as not to hurt his feelings. An engagement ring is a different matter – you have to wear it all the time, for the rest of your life. This means that it shouldn't be something you think is 'OK', it needs to be something you love so much you are happy for it to literally become part of how you look from now on. You may trust your partner with almost everything but he still isn't inside your head and your eyes knowing what you think looks good, what will go with the things you usually wear, and what feels comfortable on your hand.

You'll Probably Choose Your Own Wedding Ring
It is normal for couples to choose wedding bands together, so you'll be having a lot of input into that ring. The wedding band is of course worn next to the engagement ring, and so you want rings that look nice together and don't fit together oddly on your finger. Choosing both rings at the same time can make sure this works out. Even if you don't choose the rings at the same time, you can pick a style of engagement ring with the kind of wedding band you like in mind too.

It Takes the Pressure Off of Him
Choosing a ring can be really stressful for a man, for all the reasons already discussed. Saying you want to pick it together can actually be a big relief for him, because he doesn't have to worry that he might get it wrong. It can also be more fun and exciting to go ring shopping together than for him to have to make a nervous trip to the jewelers by himself!

These are just three reasons why it is not only acceptable, but in some ways better, to choose your
engagement ring yourself when the time comes to announce your engagement to the man you love.

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