Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Inspire: Only One Word

This picture was taken in September 2013, on my trip to Paris, France, in the Hall of Mirrors.  This is the room that the Treaty of Versailles was signed in on June 28th, 1919, the official end to the Great War.

Today is the day that we honor our veterans for their service and their sacrifice, but it is also the day that marks the armistice of the Great War.  At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month a cease fire was agreed upon.  Although World War I did not officially end until the Treaty of Versailles was signed until June 28th, 1919, it was the armistice that ended the fighting, that ended the death, and that marked a beginning of a new kind of world.

World War I changed the world.  There were so many advancements in technology and medicine.  It literally changed the map as countries and colonies were divided up.  Over the course of four years, over 10 million men and women gave their life on a battle field.  Over 7 million more civilians gave their life to the war.   This war changed homes and left them marred with the pain of empty chairs and cold beds.  The destruction left from bombs on infrastructure and shrapnel left in the ground still mark countrysides and towns.  In fact, World War I and the economic depression inflicted by the renumeration of the Allied forces lead to the rise of the Nazi regime.

And there, in the ground, on the ground, our countrymen and women still lie.  Their blood ran out.  Their bodies cold and their minds homeless and their hearts homesick.

So what was it worth?  Why did this war matter?  Why did these lives matter?  Why do these lives matter?

Reasons all seem murky and maybe even like they don't matter.  One country invades another.  One country's leaders assassinates another country's leader.  And above all, the pride, pride.  All.  The.  Pride.

There's really only one word, one value, one principle that would make so many people give their life.  One word that made all the loss and all the pain worth it.  There's only one word that warms the heart when the bed is cold and one world that binds up the broken heart.  There's only one word that has changed history for thousands of years and continues to change history today.  One word that describes a value worth fighting for, worth living for, worth dying for...


Monday, November 9, 2015

Create: Free November Desktop and Phone Wallpaper

November is already in full swing.  Some may have started Christmas shopping.  Some may have began the meal planning for Thanksgiving, but there is one thing that is guaranteed.  This month is going to be busy.

We must never get so busy with life that we forget to live life.  We've got to slow down and see the beauty around us.

Download this free desktop.  All the warm watercolors remind me of fall and the leaves and the beauty that's everywhere.  I hope it reminds you too.   Every time you look at your computer or look at your phone, slow down and take a minute or two to reflect.

Balsam Hill

Thursday, November 5, 2015

5 Supplements to Help You Maintain a Balanced Diet and Healthy Body as You Age

Most people know that eating a balanced diet is essential to good health, and that we get most of our vitamins, minerals etc. through our food. However, as we get older, our eating habits change, and we eat less, meaning our bodies sometimes need help in the form of supplements to get the nutrition and health balance it needs. You should always check with your doctor about any supplements you are considering, and here are a few that you should definitely ask about.

Calcium is an important part of your diet as it helps you to keep your bones strong. Calcium is available in many types of food, so it is possible to get your calcium by eating milk products, green leafy vegetables and fish, but, as we know, a balanced diet is not always being eaten, so calcium supplements are often a wise choice for older people who may be susceptible to bone damage through falls as they get older

Vitamin D
This vitamin may only be available in certain foods, but it is also available every time you walk in the sun. Our bodies use vitamin D in conjunction with calcium to help us develop and maintain strong bones. It is so important that the National Health Service fact sheet on Vitamin D advises this supplement for anybody over 65, as well as other vulnerable groups.

Vitamin B12
Many older people suffer some degree of memory loss, and this has been linked to a lack of the vitamin B12; which is so vital for brain function, and the nervous system. B12 deficiency has also been linked to anemia, as it helps us make blood as well as our DNA. We do not produce this vitamin ourselves, but it can be found in the meat we eat and fortified cereals. Doctors will often prescribe B12 to the aged in society, especially those who have no access to the correct diet they need.

As we become older, we seem to have more problems with digestion and bowel functions. Luckily, if you eat a healthy diet with sufficient fiber, and drink enough water, then you are going to help your digestive system to function properly unaided. However, it is possible to help your Gastro Intestinal (GI) Function by using Ortho Biotic by Ortho Molecular supplement to maintain bacterial balance in the GI tract, and to help with bowel regularity. Probiotics are used by many age groups, but they can be vital to the older generation.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Dealing with Teenage Drug Abuse

Nobody likes to think that their child will be one to get mixed up with the wrong crowd and end up abusing drugs, but sadly it is becoming a more common occurrence in today’s world. Young people are experimenting with drugs more and more, and despite the best efforts of both parents and educational facilities, many teenagers take drugs unaware of the potential damage that they can cause. If you suspect that your teenager is abusing drugs this can be a very difficult time for both of you. We’ve put together some advice to help you deal with a teenager who is abusing drugs.

In the case of teenage drug abuse, prevention is almost certainly better than a cure. Although talking about drugs with your teen is something that you may never want to do, it’s often essential in order to ensure that your teenager has enough knowledge and information on the dangers of drug use to be wise enough to refuse if offered. Explain to your teenagers that taking drugs is not cool and should never be done just to ‘fit in with the crowd’. This may also be a good time to speak to your teen about peer pressure and how to deal with it.

Spotting the Signs
If your teenager is abusing drugs, it’s highly likely that they will try to keep it a secret from you. Some signs of drug abuse include requesting to borrow money from you or other family members often, spending a lot of time on their own, mood swings and irritability, obscure descriptions of where they are going, and a loss of appetite. Although all of these signs may not necessarily be related to drug abuse, they are commonly reported by parents of teens who use drugs. If you think your child is abusing drugs it’s important that you offer them help and non-judgmental advice rather than lecturing them or getting angry, as the latter could only make the issue worse.

Medical Help
There are a number of different reasons why your teenager may be in need of medical or professional help if they are abusing drugs. If you suspect that there is a deeper underlying psychological cause of the drug abuse then visiting a psychologist or counsellor is advisable. If your child does not stop abusing drugs or gets worse after all of your best efforts to advise them and support them in getting clean, you may need to consider a South Florida detox center. Although no parent envisions themselves putting their child in a detox center, sometimes it is a necessary step that your teenager will thank you for in later life.

If you suspect that your teenager has a problem with drugs, now is the time to act. If you are unsure of how to approach your teen about this issue, you may find it helpful to speak to a physician, therapist or even a social worker beforehand in order to gain some professional insight and advice regarding your situation.

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