Friday, April 29, 2016

Why You Shouldn't Beat Yourself Up Over a Bad Credit History

There are all sorts of reasons why you might have gotten into trouble with credit in the past, and for many people, a bad credit rating is a painful reminder of bad times in their lives. We are often told about the negative impact a bad credit rating can have, for instance making it more difficult to rent homes, to get the credit we need to buy things like cars, or even in some cases making it harder to get a job. While all these things are true, there is no need to feel like you are worth less as a person because you have had debt problems in the past. Instead, it is better to take stock of your situation, look at the things that are still available to you if you do need credit urgently, and also try and build up a better credit rating for the future.

What If I Need Credit While My Credit Rating Is Bad?
One of the biggest problems when you have poor credit is that if you have a financial emergency like an unexpected bill, and you don't have savings to cover it, you don't have the same options for using loans and credit cards as other people. However, there are still some financial products available to people who have a bad credit history. These tend to have less flexible repayment schedules, higher interest rates and lower limits, meaning they wouldn't be appealing if you had other products you could get with your credit history, but they can see you through an emergency situation without causing too much expense down the line (provided you repay as agreed), and making the repayments reliably will help towards improving your credit rating. Sites like can help you find the kind of loans that are available in your situation.

Building Your Credit Rating
The problems you are experiencing because of your bad credit rating needn't be problems you'll have to suffer with for life. You can, over time, turn your credit rating around, but this requires you to actually get, use and repay credit. While it may be tempting and easier to just try and live without things like credit cards, your credit rating won't improve if you aren't using any credit. Start off with a credit building credit card with a low limit, make sure you use it, and pay it off in full every month. That way you will avoid fees and also start building a history of consistent and reliable repayment.

Avoid Bad Habits
You are probably aware of how you got into a bad credit situation in the first place, so rather than
feeling bad about it, use it as a learning experience so you can avoid bad habits or avoid getting into circumstances where you can't meet repayment arrangements with credit again.

Managing money, and especially credit, is a skill we're not born with – we have to learn it as adults trying to get on with our lives. If you have slipped up in the past, don't be ashamed – just take the steps to address it and learn how to use credit responsibly.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Three Products You Should Add to Your Dental Care Routine Today

Brushing and flossing your teeth every day is a given, but did you know that there are tons of other products which you can use in addition to this as a way of making sure that your teeth are healthy, strong and gleaming? Nice teeth are important for looking good and self-esteem, not to mention that pearly white, well-cared for teeth are at far less risk of developing any nasty dental problems in the future. If you’re wondering what you can add to your dental hygiene routine to make it even more effective, here are just some of the best products.

Electric Toothbrush
If you haven’t yet tried using an electric toothbrush, now is a really good time to give one a go. Electric toothbrushes are becoming more and more available for all budgets, and you can pick up a battery-operated one for $10 or less in order to see whether or not you like it enough to invest in one which is pricier. Recommended by dentists such as Dr. Russell Cureton DDS at his Salinas Family Dentist practice, electric toothbrushes can do a much better job at keeping teeth clean than a regular toothbrush. This is because they’re designed to operate at just the right pressure and speed and the smaller, fast-moving bristles are far more effective at reaching awkward nooks and crannies in between your teeth.

Baking Soda
Do you want whiter teeth? If you’re longing for a gleaming smile but can’t afford pricey teeth whitening procedures, plain old baking soda is a great alternative. Used for years in a whole range of tooth whitening products, you can make a variety of different pastes that use baking soda to clean your teeth, such as a basic baking soda and lemon juice paste which acts as a natural bleaching agent as well as gently scrubbing stains from the surface of your teeth. Or, simply add baking soda to your regular toothpaste when brushing to help keep your pearly whites shining brightly.

Dental Gum
There are plenty of foods and drinks which dentists recommend to brush your teeth straight after consuming. However, this good advice may not be very practical for many situations. After all, you can’t really take your toothpaste and brush with you everywhere you go and find a restroom to brush your teeth in every time you drink a coffee or eat a meal that contains gravy. Thankfully, dental gum is a much more viable alternative. Some sugar-free gums are designed with your dental health in mind and will help to keep your teeth clean, your breath fresh, and the PH levels in your mouth balanced thanks to saliva production. If you already chew minty gum, switch to one that’s
certified by dentists to make sure that your mouth and teeth are in the best of health.

Which products do you use for your daily oral hygiene regime? We’d love to hear which products you do and don’t recommend – leave your response in the comments section below.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Upcoming Travels: I'm Headed to Cambodia

I'm excited to announce that I will be headed to Cambodia during January of 2017.  The details are still in the beginning stages, but the more I study the culture, the people, the history to more excited I grow with anticipation.

Although it's history is marked with pain and darkness, I'm believing that Light will reign supreme. Besides, the Light always shines the brightest in the darkest of nights.

More details soon to come, but in the meantime here are a few images I've collected from around the Internet of Cambodia.