Short & Sweet

It's amazing the miracles that happen in the darkness.  It's just like little seeds that are planted in the black soil.  We can't see what is happening under the veil of the cold earth.  But in time those little green buds will burst through the blackness and soak up the beautiful rays of light.

Hang on.  There's a miracle in your darkness.

Self Talk: Three Steps to Change the Inner Dialogue and Over Come Internal Lies

Self talk can be one of our worst obstacles in life.  Self talk are those conversations that happen in our head and those voices that never seem to shut up.  Those voices just go on and on and on. Those voices scream the words of our past experiences and every fear we've ever had straight in our face. And we can't run from them either.  They're inside of us comparing who we actually are with what other people say or have said we are. They contradict what we know is true about ourselves by telling us lies. 

The really crazy part is we are the voice who's lying and comparing and contradicting reality!

Sometimes we just have to tell ourselves to shut up. Not literally, of course, but those inside voices--the negative self talk that runs around in our head.  Tell that voice to shut up. 

And then, after you've stopped listening to all those lies, replace those lies with truth. 

The truth is you're are going to make it. It doesn't matter how far you've fallen or messed up, you can get up and start again. The truth is you can do anything for at least a little while. And if you can do anything for a little while you can do it for as long as it takes. 

Have you seen that episode of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? You know, the one where she says, "I can do anything ten seconds....You can handle anything for ten seconds."

Obviously, that's a simplistic approach to reality,

Gone Too Long

Over the past year and a half I found myself staring at this blank white screen many times.  I've had an idea or a thought that I wanted to share.  I'd write a sentence or two.  I'd resource pictures.  I've even written entire posts, but I haven't published them.

Over the past months I've even made a blogging calendar.  But here I am again.  Typing and deleting and editing and cutting and pasting words.

Have you ever felt tongue tied?  Maybe that's how I feel.

I've got the words and the ideas and the images all floating around in my head, but it's this thing of sitting at the computer typing all of them out.  That's the problem.

I have this friend, Kathy Key.  She's a life coach.  (You can find out more about her life coaching here.)  Sometimes our schedules permit us to spend leisurely mornings at some breakfast nook.  A few months ago we happened to be sitting at just one of those booths when our conversation moved from professional discussion to personal goals.  

I was going on and on lamenting about how I felt stuck and tongue tied and purposeless when she stopped me.  Using her life coaching skills she asked me about my ultimate goals.  I listed many goals all of which seem so impossible even now.

At that breakfast table she began to speak life to those dreams again.  At that table, she saw the potential in my dreams.  But she didn't just see my abilities or talents that make those dreams possible.  She began to give me actions to see those dreams come to pass.

So here I am.  Taking a step.  It's a couple months late, but it's still a step.

I won't reach my dreams today and probably not tomorrow and maybe not even the day after that.  But as I read and reread and delete and edit and cut and paste I can clearly see one thing.  The blank white screen has a lot of black on it.

And maybe I'm not as tongue tied as I thought.
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