It's More Than a Feeling

This quote pretty much says it all. Living for God is more than a feeling.  It's how we live.  It's how we trust.  It's how we never, ever give up, but continue to trust.

Mother's Day Printable

Over the next few weeks my life will be busy with end of the school year activities one of which happens to be Mother's Day.  We all want to make Mother's Day special for the women who have impacted our lives, but especially for our mothers.

I'll be sharing a few affordable items that can just brighten the ladies of your life who have impacted you.

The first a set of bookmarks.  After downloading the PDF (here or click on the image) print it on card stock.  Use a paper cutter or really sharp paper scissors to give help give you a clean line.  Then just pass them out.  You might choose to pair the bookmark with a vintage book or cookbook.  Most women I know, including myself, would love that!

Linking Up With

Sincere Desires

The essay below was written at a time in my life quite similar to the one I live in now.   I was at the beginning of my college years and really struggling to find who I was unhindered.  Considering that this was written ten years ago there are details that are no longer accurate.  I have not corrected the details.  I left them as written in the original context.  I've hesitated sharing it's words with anyone mostly because even though I write quite openly about my own personal desires and struggles this particular desire is much deeper and, to this point, left untouched on purpose.  If you are a reader of All My Love for All My Days you will know that transparency isn't a hindrance to my writing with the exception of this topic.  

Today, I open my heart to you and allow you to see my feelings on singleness.  I hope that these words will find other single hearts and bring you

The Perfect Hummus

My obsession with hummus began when I was working with Freedom for the Heart Ministries.  My boss made some excellent hummus and subsequently taught me how to make it.  (I blame my addiction to Diet Coke on her too.)

Hummus is always a great choice for a party or even just for dinner because it's a base.  After you make the basic recipe almost anything can be added to it to enhance the taste.

So here's what you need for a traditional hummus dip.
Start with 2 cans of chickpeas, 2 tablespoons of tahini, 2 cloves of garlic (I like garlic so I used 3), 2 teaspoons of salt, and pepper to taste.  Start with 1 cup of olive oil, but you might need more.  Try to use as little as necessary because that's where the bulk of the calories come in.  The oil helps with consistency.

In a food professor combine all the dry ingredients.  Slowly start adding in the olive oil, but watch the consistency.  You want the ingredients to stick together and blend.

Serve with colorful veggies, pita, or pita delicious.


LIVE from Fine Arts


Sometimes in the Dead of Night

Sometimes in the dead of night a memory of my past slips back into my consciences to haunt my waking moments. 

Their purpose?  A curse to remind me of fleeting experience wrapped up in nights and days that I'd rather just forget all together.  

Yet these ancient ghosts are stirred to life again. Maybe it's a smell or a feeling and a sound. Maybe is the combination of a sight and a taste. Sometimes it's just a color, but when these aberrations strike they enslave me again locked in the memories of my past.  

The guilt in these moments seem unbearable. I'm easily crippled--incapacitated--paralyzed in their glare. Escaping them is quite impossible. Running?  Futile. For forever frozen, just looking for the solution. 

But isn't that just the way of an enemy?  Attack with the most paralyzing of possible fears?

Perhaps so.  In fact, I'm certain, yes.

The most paralyzing of possible fears.

To look at the my past may stir my self doubt and my self hatred, but to look at the future I see only hope.  Where darkness once reigned now light, only, remains.

Oh, to live in the light of a new day...
of a new dawn...
of a new tomorrow...
of a new start
watching the past slip back into the bottomless hole of my memories
     and feeling the warmth of light eternal hold me in the stillness of precious silence.
    His love surrounds me again.

"For now there is no condemnation to those who are in
Christ Jesus..."

Louisville Classics...a Look into a Classic Louisville Home

At the beginning of this week I made a quick trip with friends to Louisville, Kentucky.  After this one trip there are a few things that I'm certain of about Louisville.

First, I love Louisville.  I could live there.  Perhaps someday I will.  Louisville is filled with cultural experiences.  From fantastic art to delicious food, this place is brimming with culture.

Second, I desperately want to attend at least one Derby in my life and wear a huge, wide brim hat.    Is there really a need to say more?  This is definitely a must.

Last, Louisville is full of the perfect mix of classic and contemporary style.  And I love it.

My new friend, Melanie Wiggs,

Link Love

This week has been full of challenges and excitement, but the weekend should be full of even more great things.  In the meantime...

+ I'm addicted to shoes.  I have like a zillion pair. (here)

+ If I'm going to be successful I need accountability.

+ I want this pillow.  Insane cuteness.

+ I ordered my birthday present from Paper Doll Printing.  Laurie is a peach or lamb...basically just plain wonderful.

+ I visited Louisville and fell in love with this pottery, this event, and this town.

+ Pretty sure I see this in my future.

Have a wonderful weekend!

April Must List

They say "April showers bring May flowers," but is it possible that April actually just brings out all the beautifully fresh colors of the world?

Here are a few items that I'm anxious to get my fingers on.  Enjoy.


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