Short & Sweet

God this day unfurled
To everyone
Throughout the world.
Unblemished day,
Bejeweled and pearled--
A gift to you and me.

For each man's a tower
Or just a stone.
Born to climb higher
Or be left alone.
Time is the gift.
Use it with care.
Climb to the heights--
Our dreams flourish there.

      From the personal diary of Joye Kanelakos

The Perfect Personalized Gift

Before last Christmas I was contacted to do a product review for Centime Gifts.  Some of my readers may recall my struggle with illness.  Right before Christmas I became quite ill.  Thankfully, I have recovered.  In my illness and the craziness of the season, I failed to write the review; however, I still strongly believe in these gifts and I wanted to share them with you, Kind Reader, today.

When I received the necklace Centime sent me, I loved it immediately.  Ginny sent me a double layers chain necklace with my name etched out of silver.  (See my Instagram for a look up close and personal.)

Unique names are great for a lot of things.  I was the only kindergartner with the name Danette.  And of all the times someone I don't know picked me up at the airport I never had to doubt they picked up the correct Danette.  Unique names are great for a lot of things, but they're not great if you want something personalized.  It's just too complicated.

But not for Centime Gifts!  They handmade the name charm that is attached to my necklace giving it just the perfect personal touch.

Centime Gifts specializes in personalized jewelry, but they also carry several other personalized gifts.

I can't think of a better way to show someone you value their friendship than to share a personalized gift designed just for them.  With Easter coming up, this might be the perfect gift to help the Easter basket stand out against all the rest.  Or maybe a friend is purchasing a new home.  Centime Gifts also has personalized House Portraits.  They're too cute.

Stop by their website today.  I know you will enjoy all of their great gifts.  Oh, and if your order is over $100, the shipping is free!

All the images in this post are from the Centime website.  Find my own pictures of the Centime Gifts necklace I was gifted on Instagram.  Check those out here.

5 Things to Do on a Snow Day + an Exciting Announcement

More than likely, our time in the snow, at least for Oklahoma, is finished for the season.  However, last week we did have two snow days.  While it was nice, I'm glad they've over.

If you are still snowed in, or maybe, here's a few things you can do to pass the time.  Make sure to read to the end.  There's a pretty exciting announcement.

1.  Play in the snow.

2.  Organize a closet.
Get some great ideas and how to make this happen here.

3.  Bake a batch of homemade cookies!

4.  Get a head of your spring decorating by crafting now.

Get the details on this craft here.

5.  Stay warm and read a book by the fire.
One Thousand Gifts is a book that God used to really challenge and shape my life.  Ann Voskamp, the authoress, shares images of her life and how God has taught her to be grateful in all things.  Every moment of every day truly is a gift.  You can find a the book on sale here.

Here's the big news...

At the end of March, Sister Talk will be returning!

You may remember Sister Talk from a few years ago. But this time we're coming back greater than ever. Sister Talk will have it's own website, social media accounts, and a regular vlog featuring several special segments. Big things in store for Sister Talk!

Be on the look out for Sister Talk deets!

You can catch some of our past Sister Talk episodes here


Short & Sweet

Every week, usually on Wednesday, I post an inspirational picture or quote that I found floating around the internet. It's just something short & something sweet.


Kyrie Coffee

My sister, Dalayna, recently started a business called Kyrie Coffee.  It's really a perfect fit because she loves coffee and she's made it her life mission to change the world.

Anyway, I'm guest posting over on the Kyrie blog today.  Stop by and check it out.

Here's a little more about Kyrie Coffee...

Kyrie Coffee is a mobile coffee shop. We use a pop-up shop in order to get out in the community and get coffee in your hand. We serve a number of specialty blends including several flavored blends. We service events large and small, as well as parties… really any kind of gather WE’RE THERE!
The word Kyrie comes from the Greek language. Translated it means mercy. This is the perfect explanation of why we do what we do at Kyrie Coffee. Every cup of coffee goes towards a number of different humanitarian projects. From digging wells in Africa to freeing victims of sex trafficking around the world, Kyrie Coffee exists to extend love and mercy in order to make an impact both locally and globally. When you enjoy a cup of coffee from Kyrie you literally hold mercy in hand. Know that you are in some small way changing the world.  And that is a good feeling.
Kyrie is about community. We are about bringing people TOGETHER. We show up where you show up. Whether that be a family party or a work conference, the celebrations in life or just an every day occurrence, Kyrie is here to provide for the needs of your gathering.
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