Fall Comes // Playlist

Wednesday is the first day of fall.  I love fall.  It just makes me feel so whole and complete.  Maybe it's because I know the holidays are coming, maybe it's just because the air is cool enough to breath, but I love it.

Nothing is life is complete without a playlist or soundtrack playing in the background of your every move, so this is mine...at least for the next week.

I recently discovered Johnnyswim by complete accident, but I am so glad I did.  While they are gaining popularity, they are relatively unheard of.  Later this month they will be playing at the opening on the Fixer Upper's new Magnolia store in Waco, Texas.  I'm sure the only way to go is up for here.

Keep going.  Keep going.  You can make it.  You can make it.

Simple enough.

The first time I heard this song I sat in my car and cried.  Challenges are going to happen in life.  There's no way around that, but our response to those challenges will define our future.   This song reminds me of that truth and it makes me want to dance and sing and fight and win in the face of every challenge.

In the United States, on October 23, the movie Suffragette will open.  Suffragette is the story of women's rights in England.  So what does that have to do with this song?  That's how I found this arrangement.   It was featured in the movie trailer.   I've always loved the Fleetwood Mac version and the Dixie Chicks' version.  And while nothing will ever take away from Fleetwood's original, I think this version is a close second.

Ok, ok.  I can take it no longer!  I am a closeted Pentaholic.  Yes, I watch crazy youtube videos and serial twitter stock all the member of Pentatonix.  Really...it's pretty sad.  (Oh, my goodness.  What am I do admitting all the crazy?!?  I'm supposed to keep that locked away.)  But it's only because I'm uber impressed with their vocals.  And their arrangements.  And their desire to help people accept who they are.  And their unshakeable positivity.  And...and...and...

Well, I guess you get the picture.

I don't think there is really an explanation.  For me, fall means that family will be here with me very, very soon.  They are my northern light guiding me towards the true Light.  They keep me grounded.

Little Luxuries

As Fall gets closer and closer I began to show it.  Of course in the way I dress and in my overall mood.  (I love the fall.)  But also in my skin.

As the season changes I always develop very dry skin and it is miserable.

But here are a few luxuries that I've found that work to keep my skin soft and my lips pink...and not bleeding.


Short & Sweet

"A human being is only interesting if he's in contact with himself.  I learned you have to trust yourself, be what you are, and do what you out to do the way you should do it."

-Barbra Streisand
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