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I stand amazed and overwhelmed by God's great love.  He surrounds us in our weakness.  He comforts us in our trials.  He carries us through the dark times.  He never stops loving us...extending His grace to us...running after us with mercy.

And now, Thanksgiving has come and gone.  We've enter the busiest time of the year.  We'll get bogged down in our schedules.  We'll forget the reason we live.  But He, the Lover of our souls, will always be waiting, arms open, ready to take us in.

And now, in life, we see how absolutely devastated we are.  We've tried life on our own...to make it...to finish alone.  In our pride we've pushed and pulled to escape our dependence of a being--the Being--greater than ourselves.  But here He is now.  Still ready.  Still waiting.

And now, in our hearts, we've substituted a love for Christ with a desire for approval from mankind.  A father's love, a mother's embrace...these actions we long for, but none, no, not one single action will could replace being Home again seated at God's Table.

In truth, life is busy.  We are broken.  We desire relationships.  But after we've searched the world over we will never find a love so sweet, so peaceful, so true, so forgiving, so full as the love of Christ.

And in that love redemption becomes ours.

Let me help you take care of some of you Christmas shopping.  Mary & Martha is having a very special Black Friday sale and you can take part. 

Below are the images of them items that will be discounted, while supplies last, from November 28th-November 30th.  I know I will be purchasing two of these deals.  I can't wait.

Email me with your order danetteleah {at} gmail {dot} com or visit my independent consultant webpage.


/// short & sweet


/// i am determined

I am determined to live life in the present
      to act bravely
      to inspire creativity
      to love fiercely.

I am determined to change myself so I can change others
      to move in justice
      to respond to opposition with grace
      to give mercy.

I am determined to be my greatest, not for my own accolades, but for the glory of God.

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/// living in the &

About two weeks ago I did something I said I'd never do again...

You see, I'm that girl.  I'm the one that gets stopped during perfectly good dinners and told that I should sell such and such product.  I hate that.  I mean HATE that.  At the same time, I'm also the woman telling the person in front of my at the check out line to sign up for the Reasor's shopping card.  "It will save you money at the pump, you know."

The sad part is, I actually mean it.

I used to love spending my summers working at my church's firework stand.  I used the excuse that I loved fireworks because I do.  I love watching other people shooting fireworks.  But that wasn't it all.  I loved selling fireworks.  I love making a deal.

For years, though, I've sworn off.  I've given up my direct selling ways.

Until about two weeks ago when I signed up to be an independent consultant for Mary & Martha. And I'm so very glad I did.

I first discovered Mary & Martha from working as an affiliate of DaySpring.  I love their products and I love what they stand for.  I just love everything about the company.

The cool thing is, I'm pretty sure you will too.

What's not to love?

  • I get to nurture community through hosting and coaching gatherings.
  • I get to help ladies beautify their homes with products that are fair trade.
  • I get to enjoy discounted products that I would be purchasing anyway.
  • I get to find financial freedom doing something I love.

My main purpose in signing up to be an independent consultant for Mary & Martha is to help fund different missions projects.  I plan to return to Paris in the near future.  I'll, of course, have to save for the trip.

I would love for you to check out my website.  After looking through the online catalog, you might find something that you would like to purchase for your home or maybe for a Christmas gift.  Email me at danetteleah {at} gmail {dot} com and I'll get you set up.  Maybe you want to host a gathering. We could do one online or in person.  Email me and we'll get something set up.  But maybe, just maybe, you might look at these products and think to yourself, "This is something I want to do."  Well, waste no time and sign up to be a consultant.  I would be more than happy to sponsor you.  Contact me and we can set up a phone conversation!

Mary & Martha acknowledges that life is busy.  We never can be the Biblical characters of Mary and Martha.  Often, we feel forced to choose one and just resign ourselves to never having the time to just sit at the feet of Jesus.  We are never just one or the other.  We're both and we have to be.

Mary & Martha is all about living in the &.  We are both.  We are Mary.  We are Martha.  Completely devoted to God and completely devoted to serving His mission.


///this weekend

My goal for this weekend is simple.  I want to explore more...find the beauty in the little things...find the beauty of peace.

Oh, and I'm guest posting on the Peony Project's Instagram account.  You can follow along and explore with me!

short & sweet

This really challenged me today.

Sometimes--most times--it seems like I'm going no where.   That I'm just stuck, but that just simply is not true.  I'm moving forward.

///Currently: Just a Few of Things I'm Seeing, Doing, & Reading

Christmas at CrossPoint rehearsals have started.  I'm so excited for this year's show/production/worship experience.  (What do you call something like that anyway?)  If you live in the Tulsa area, you should totally come.  It's going to be on December 14th at 6:30pm.  For more details see CrossPoint's website.

In the meantime, here's a preview of one of the songs.

One of my goals to complete before I turn (chring) 32 (!!!???!!! WHAT!!!) is to read three books.  I know, to you that doesn't seem like all that many.  Really, it's not that many, but it's the goal and I'm way behind.

Currently, I'm reading Let's All Be Brave: Living Life with Everything You Have by Annie F. Downs.  I'm really being challenged by it too.  Now...to move off of page 3.  (Just joking.)

I love this quote taken from the Book of Common Prayer.  

Well, it's fall, but I live in Oklahoma.  I don't have any excellent pictures of fall foliage.  Last week was the first week that it was actually cool outside.  So, like most reasonable adult women, I substitute with Pinterest.

And there you have it...That's what I'm currently seeing, doing, and reading, but not in that order.  Where would the fun be in that?  
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