Spring into Change

Daylight savings brought a lot of changes to me.  First, there is the reemergence of allergies.  Second, there's the lack of sleep that I will suffer until my body adjust to the time change.  But most importantly, it's brought a change of mind and heart.

I'm a self proclaimed dreamer and this spring I'm going to start seeing some of those dreams come into my life.  I've already decided.  It must happen.

My greatest dream has always been to see a move of God that would change my generation.  Now, I would love to be a part of that move of God.  I would love to be on the "front lines" seeing people's faces get rocked off as God hits them, shaking them to core.  (I guess I've always been a bit volent too.)  But I would be so happy to see it happen.  I personally don't care if I have to go somewhere else on this planet to see that happen.  I'm willing to do that.  I'm willing to give up this American life to see the power of God change this generation.  I'm willing to give up my time to seek the face of God.  I'm willing to listen to other older, wiser women and men of God that can help me become the woman of God I'm created to be.

My next greatest dream is really vital to seeing the first happen.  I want to live a completely debt free life.  In the past I've made some financial mistakes.  I was young.  I was stupid.  I was in college.  And while I've always been blessed because of tithing and giving I know there is more.  There is more to God's blessing than where I live.  I want to live in the land of promise so this spring I'm going to make the changes I have to make to live debt free.

The last dream I'm determined to capitalize on is my desire to live a fuller life.  I'm just going to write it.  Compared to the life I thought I would have at 29, my life is BORING!  And I hate it.  I look at myself and think, "Wow, you're boring."  Well, no more.  I'm seizing life and capitalizing on the youth and energy God has given me.  I'm going to use relationship to lead others to Christ.  I'm going to love God, love people, and live life to the full.  Oh, and I'm going to Hawaii again and Ethiopia and England and Israel and Rome...at some point.

It's time to SPARKLE.  I'm Springing into Change.

Are you making any Spring Resolutions?

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