Louisville Classics...a Look into a Classic Louisville Home

At the beginning of this week I made a quick trip with friends to Louisville, Kentucky.  After this one trip there are a few things that I'm certain of about Louisville.

First, I love Louisville.  I could live there.  Perhaps someday I will.  Louisville is filled with cultural experiences.  From fantastic art to delicious food, this place is brimming with culture.

Second, I desperately want to attend at least one Derby in my life and wear a huge, wide brim hat.    Is there really a need to say more?  This is definitely a must.

Last, Louisville is full of the perfect mix of classic and contemporary style.  And I love it.

My new friend, Melanie Wiggs,
graciously allowed me to share the inside of her house with you. I know that you are going to find a unique mixture of warm and cool colors.  Melanie wonderfully mixes the modern art pieces from her artist brother-in-law with antique touches.  To top it off, she's one of the best hostesses ever.  Truly, I'm growing to love her.  I already love her daughter.

Get ready.  This one's a keeper.

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