DIY Magnet Boards

Hopefully you have finished all your spring cleaning.  But if you haven't or if you are just looking for an easy, inexpensive idea to help organize I've got the project for you.  (Look here, here, and here for more easy crafts.)

This project only cost about $2 to make and most of the supplies I had laying around the house.

Here's what you'l
l need...
A couple of cheap pizza pans.  Your choice of paint and brushes or sponges, drill, sand paper, and silk screen or stencil.  I used this one from Martha Stewart crafting supplies.  I'm really loving this particular one.  I've used it several times over the last couple of days.

Very simple to make, start by drilling a small hole in the rim of the pizza pan.  Follow that by using sand paper to run down the entire pan.  Roughing up the metal will help the paint adhere to the pan.  Pay special attention to the place where you drilled the hole.  The edges will be a little rough.  After you've wiped the sanding particles off, begin to paint the inner circle of the pan.  I avoided the outer edge, but if you would like paint to the edge.  Make sure to apply several coats.  In order to speed the drying time, I used a blow dryer.

After you have applied several coats of paint and they have dried, use your chosen stencil or silk screen to add a design in an alternating color.  After your design has dried it's ready to hang.  I added magnets to the back of cloths pins that I had previously glittered.

The more you use the better.  Try using different patterns.  It will create more surface to aid organization.  For example, if you use four or nine, you could create a square or six and form a rectangle.
I hope this craft will help spur your own creativity! 

(Also, I promise my chest of drawers is not messy.  It just looks that way from this angle.  Promise.)

Did you work on any crafting projects over the weekend?

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