Fall Fashion in Paris

Whenever I'm traveling I find that it is so much easier to pack when I have a plan and by plan I mean color scheme or theme.  My sisters, DalaynaDestiny and Courtney, often laugh at me, but I happen to think if they'd only follow my lead their lives would so much simpler.  Well, at least when it comes to packing.

Here are a few general principles to follow with packing for a long trip...

1.  Start with a firm foundation.
     Choose a few basic clothing items that you can wear multiple times and with multiple other items.  For example, you can never go wrong with classic black pants.
2.  Add is a color or pattern.
     By adding a simple, classic color or pattern you will liven up your wardrobe choices.  At the same time remember to keep it simple.  We want clothing items to be able to be worn more than one time with more than one other clothing item.
3.  Stick to the plan.
     There's always going to be that temptation to take that extra pair of shoes or evening bag, but leave them behind.  If those items aren't interchangeable with multiple items in your bag, you don't need them.

I'm super excited to be traveling to Paris this week.  Obviously!  Here is a look at my packing plan.

Fall Fashion in Paris

This is my first time traveling in Europe so wish me luck!  

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