DIY Gold Gilded Sea Shells

Last week I stumbled across these shells (here) from Aerin website and instantly fell for these shells.  I love them.  They are gorgeous  classic, and beautiful...from the ocean.  (Do you see the nautical theme I've got going on here?)

I decided to recreate them using
Martha Stewart gold gilding paint. (here)
The process was really quite simple.  First, after clean and drying your surface, prime your surface with a primer that will seal the surface's cracks and bumps.  Second, paint your shell with the gilding paint.  Be very cautious to avoid contact with the skin.  Also, avoid the fumes.  They are very strong.  Let them dry for about an hour and follow with a second coat or touch up.  After the gilding has dried make sure to seal your surface with a matte sealant.   The Martha Stewart collection at Michael's has a sealant.   I just used one that I had already purchases.
And there you have it.  Gold sea shells!
Arrange them anywhere.  Use them in floral arrangements or a centerpiece.  Maybe you just want to use a large shell as a paperweight.  Anyway you use them they will be beautiful.  Think of it as bringing a sunset over the ocean right into your home.  If you used the silver gilding you could create a wind chime of sorts.  It would look like the waves as it shimmered in the sun.

Ok, enough with the vivid imagination stuff.

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