a Whole Lot More of Someone Else and a Little Bit Less of Me

I wrote this for Kyrie Coffee's blog last week, but I wanted to share it here for you today.  You should check out Kyrie.  The coffee is delicious, but even better, it's for a good cause.

The past weeks have been challenging for my family.  Those challenges have had me traveling two hours away for an entire month of weekends.  While I love a good road trip, traveling in Oklahoma, where I'm from, is not always grand.  If you have ever traveled any of the major highways in our great state, there are two things you will remember: the pot holes and the toll roads.  We're known for them.

I happen to be one of those people who think that the government is tracking my every move so I refuse to buy one of those quick pass things.  (We call them Pike Pass here, but I know every state has a different term for them. (And yes, my life is so interesting that the President cares about my every move.  Crazy, I know. (Did I really just use a parenthesis inside of another parenthesis?  What am I thinking!!!)))

Anyway, I'm coming to a toll booth and I'm scrambling to get my change out.  I pull up to the attendant who looks down and smiles and says, "That car in front of you paid for you.  Go on through."

Now, I've had my Starbucks paid for a couple of times, but I never would have thought to pay someone toll! Never!

That one little thing...that $1.50...was exactly what I needed.

We think that changing the world has to be some great, grand gesture that leaves people in tears.  But it doesn't.  We change the world by the little, mundane choices that we make everyday.

Opening the door for the elderly man.
Helping unload the cart of an overwhelmed mom.
Paying for the order behind us in the drive thru.
Taking just a little bit of time to talk to the lonely woman.

Just a little bit more my time given to someone else.  Just a little bit more effort on my part to do something nice for someone else.  Just a little bit more intentional thought on someone else.

Changing the world starts with a whole lot of more someone else and a little bit less for me.

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