How to Save Money Without Even Trying

I'm certain you've heard of it.  You may have even downloaded the app only to delete it after being overwhelmed.  Well, I've got news for you.  Install it again, or for the first time, because you're about to save a bunch of money.

I saw the ad in my Facebook side bar many times.  I even downloaded it and then deleted it, that was until about 3 weeks ago when I downloaded, opened, and starting using the Ibotta app.

I just a little over 3 weeks I have made back $45.15 in rebates for items that I already purchase on a monthly basis.  This money saving app will change the way you shop and here's what's better: It's simple.  Super simple, in fact.

So what is Ibotta anyway?

Ibotta is an IOS and Android app that helps you save money purchasing household items, buying groceries, and even eating out.   After you download the app, open up the app and start looking at the rebates you can make back just by purchasing the item.  There are usually one or two tasks that you have to complete, but seriously, it's easy.  Purchase the item and then verify your purchases by following the prompts and scanning your receipt.  It's really that simple.

If that's not enough, you can gain bonuses!  The more you save, the more individuals you add to your team, the more you purchase of some items, the higher your chance of making a bonus.

So why am I on the Ibotta kick?  Well, I like saving money especially when it's this simple.  And you can save money too.  Want to join my team?  I'd love to have you.  Just follow any of the links in this post and it will take you to sign up or download option.  The sooner you start using the app to sooner you start saving money.  Before you know it you will have earned $45 too.


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