Short & Sweet: Look Out and Reach Out

Today's Short & Sweet is a little different.  Normally, I'd just share a picture and quote and be done, but when this video came popping up in my Facebook feed, I knew it needed to be shared here.

I think this video illustrates a very real truth.  From time to time, we all need some help.  That's just how life is.  That's how we were designed.  We are designed to need other people.  Even the most self reliant, introverted person needs help.  They just seek out one or two friends.  Other's desire to be surrounded by many people.  Both are fine.  Both work.  But both need relationships and help to succeed.

What's more, we have to recognize when we're needed.  It's so important to look out and to reach keep our head up and looking for opportunities to serve our friends, our family, and our community.

Recently, I finished J.K. Rowling The Casual Vacancy.  I have to tell you, this book moved me.  There is a lot of language in the book--more than I would usually read--but I was so moved by the story.  I don't want to give the book away, but in the story a child dies as a result of a completely avoidable tragic accident.  On his way to certain calamity, the young child passes three adults all of which could have saved the child's life if only they had been paid closer attention.  Instead they were focused on their own circumstances.  Unfortunately, far too ofter we're focused on our own circumstances too.

Today, can I challenge you to help someone.  Look around you, I'm certain you will find a person in your sphere of influence who needs help.  What if you're the only one who even notices?

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