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I love coffee.  I know that I've already written at least two posts about my love for coffee, but seriously, I love coffee.  I'm one of those people who travels out of her way to avoid going to the same Starbucks because the baristas will remember that I was there at their store earlier that day.  
Yes, that's me.  
The one watching her rearview mirror before pulling into the coffee house hoping, praying that her friend doesn't see her pulling in...again.
I'm one of those.
And I'm proud of that.
Show your coffee pride and link up with us today...or this week...or at least sign up for the giveaway.  It's a good one.

See you in the html,

Hey all you coffee lovers! Today is the day that we celebrate our
beloved drink, COFFEE!

We are linking up our stories, recipes, favorite flavors, and memories
made with coffee in hand. Anything about coffee and how much you
love it goes! Best part is you get to meet other coffee addicts,
* This is not an intervention d: *

Let's get things kickin'!
This is only our 3rd month for this link up, and I am excited to see
how it has grown. Shooting for 40 link ups this week. Yes, this is
much smaller than the average link up, but I am hoping this small
(shall I say intimate?) kind of link up allows for more interaction,
more networking, and more READERS rather than followers.

1. Link up your post about your love of coffee
2. Follow all of your hosts (the first 5 links)
Dalayna @Pointing Up
3. Meet your fellow coffee lovers :D
4. Enter the awesome caffeinated giveaway from our lovely
hosts after the linky.

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