Destroy Negativity + Free Printable

This week I had an interesting and very real conversation with one of my high school seniors.  She is quite accomplished as a vocalist and will be attending and very prestigious fine arts school in the fall.  More than anything she wants to be on the stage.  And maybe, someday, she will be.  But until then she has determined to put out of her mind all other option.  For her, there is only one option--the stage--and if anybody else says anything else she refuses to listen.

Parent types will say that idea is ridiculous or naïve, and truthfully it is.  But I would rather be ridiculous and naïve than to never reach my dreams.  

There is but one dream and because there is only one there can only be one solution.  Squash all negativity and listen to the voice within.

I hope you enjoy this printable.  And remember go for it.  Go for the dream.

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