Mocktail Mondays ~ Creamy Peach Fizz

There are few things that signal summertime more than peaches.  As a child, my great-uncle owned a peach orchard.  I always stayed at least a week with my grandparents and during that week we make our way to the orchard where we picked up the overripes.

These trips were followed by hours of pealing, cutting, and freeze bushels of peaches.  

There's two things my grandma is known for: her strawberry milkshakes and creamy peach smoothies.

While I love grandma's version, I think I like my version of the Creamy Peach Fizz better.  Here's how you make it.

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1 part peach puree (Peach nectar is acceptable, but it will not have the same consistency.)
1 part sparkling white grape juice

Puree your peaches in a blender.  The riper the peaches the sweeter you puree will be.  After you have pureed your peaches divide into parts.  Follow with an equal part of sparkling WHITE grape juice. 

Drink and enjoy.

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