longing for a lazy morning

The last couple of weeks have been days and days on unfinished crafting projects, unmade recipes, and un-acted upon plans.  It leaves me with this reality.  Sometimes life gets in the way of, well, life. So today I only have a picture to leave you with.  It's not a picture that I took.  I actually found it through Pinterest.  It's a picture of a desire...a desire for a little bit slower morning...a desire to slow down and enjoy a morning and to maybe have a cup of coffee, in the morning, at home.

Here's hoping some of those projects get finished this week.


  1. Love lazy mornings :) Love this post.. i can relate


  2. This is how I spend every Sunday morning. I decided one week that it was needed, and now it's a ritual. Sometimes you really do just have to be a little selfish, to take that time for yourself to just breathe. I always love reading your blog Danette! Helen - Eat.Enjoy.Live (on my work computer so can't log into any account) :)


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