/// Four Things to Try this Month

In the dead of winter, it's easy to get depressed and bored with the dreariness of it all.  The cold, the snow, and the dead ground, but Spring is coming.  That's the hope.  Spring is coming.

But...until it does, here's a few things to try on for size.  They'll brighten you right up.

#1  I've spent the last couple of days at the beach, but if that's not a possibility watch a youtube video.  It will do the trick. (image source)

#2  Those first blooms will soon be coming through the frozen ground, but until they do, force a few blooms in a vase.  Here's a tutorial for you.  (image source)

#3 Let's face it, few things make us feel better than a new look, so go ahead and cut it off.  Change the color.  Do something new.  If will grow back if you don't like it. (image source)

#4 A year or so ago, Oh Joy started a campaign to brighten people's day.  Why not do that on a the day of love?  I they enjoy it and so will you.  Oh, and here's the video that inspired it all.  (image source)

There you have it.  Four things to try this month.  They'll brighten your world right up...and probably someone else's too.

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