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It’s been a hard day at the office. No one appreciates the hard work you put in – they never have. Your innovative approach goes unnoticed, your thoughtful dress sense and thorough personal grooming are wasted on these bums. And worse, they smell. Your colleagues smell. You’re the best. And they’ll never know. It’s time to go home and relax. What you need now is a wide screen TV, a glass of diet coke, a few snacks and a big comfy sofa.

Sofa so good
Now the serious chilling out begins. Try switching off all lines of communication to the outside world. Mobile phone, social media, email – give it all a rest for the night. Crazy talk you say? True couch potatoes know that removing all distractions is a must. Now switch on the TV, navigate to a suitably engaging show and ease back my friend.

How’s the room looking? 
Too garish or messy and your chill might be disturbed. The most relaxing rooms are fresh, simple and stylish. You don’t have to have Sevres porcelain or handcrafted Mayan knickknacks on your mantelpiece to achieve such style. Make it classy with neutral toned ceramics and maybe a candle here and there. Go for fresh flowers to add a splash of color.

When it comes to sofas and armchairs it’s nice to have a bit of a mix and match approach with colors and patterns; there are many shapes and styles to choose. Don't go overboard with throws and avoid cushions that are 30cm square or less. Big cushions, big comfort. As a general rule be bold and simple when trying to achieve peak relaxation. 

Now you need to put the final touches to your living room/relaxation orb. Get some artwork up. Make it striking yet unobtrusive and you’ll be onto a winner. Consider how it will work in the space you have.

A word of warning 
Make sure to recline in a safe way during your well earned rest. In the midst of a good old sprawl on the sofa it is all too easy to forget about your posture and give yourself strains and aches. Next time you sink into a “relaxed” position, check in with your body. Are you truly relaxed, or is it just a familiar posture that you associate with relaxation? Then notice: how do you feel when you get up? These simple checks should help you avoid injury. Unfortunately there’s no avoiding your smelly colleagues – they’ll be in the office waiting for you tomorrow

Image by Stewf used under the Creative Commons license.

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