Meatless Monday: Pad Thai

Most people I know struggle to add fruits and vegetables into their daily diets.  I love fruits and vegetables, but sometimes (ok, most times) the breads and chips and meat just look a little better.  But subtracting meat from your diet on Mondays is any easy way to force the consumption of more vegetables.  (Plus, you get to use the cool alliteration thing...Meatless Monday.)

Adding vegetables isn't difficult at all especially with something like a stir fry or a pad thai like this one.

All you need is super simple ingredients.

Rice Noodles
Soy Sauce
Garlic (I used paste)
Squash and Zucchini
Bean Sprouts
Sesame Seed Oil (not pictured)

Stir fry your vegetables until they are tender in sesame seed oil (just a touch) and garlic.  While stir frying, bring water to a bowl for the noodles.  After the water comes to a bowl, remove the water heat and add the noodles.  Be careful to follow the directions very carefully or your noodles will become soggy and sticky.

After the noodles are finished, drain and bring your stir fry pain back up to temperature.  Combine the noodles and vegetables and splash with soy sauce.  Move to the dinner table and serve hot.

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