Recipe: Summer Pasta Salad

A few weeks ago I shared a recipe for a Very Berry Fruit Salad and wow!  What a response.  Summer just brings people outside and together.  Sometimes it's around a pool other times it's just a trip to the park.  Whatever that occasion, good food and refreshing drinks help make those outdoor occasions better.

Here's a super easy recipe for a delicious pasta salad.

assorted grape tomatoes
seedless olives
mozzarella cheese pearls
olive oil
pasta (I used bow ties, but any should do)
1 tablespoon garlic (I used paste, but I would use 2 whole cloves.)
5 tablespoons basil (I used paste, but if you use fresh basil chop 1 bunch slightly.  I love the green!)
salt to taste

Cook the pasta until tender.  While the pasta is cooking, slice the tomatoes (Check back tomorrow for a super a-ha! way to cut those little tomatoes up.)  and combine with the pitted olives.  Break apart the mozzarella pearls and set them aside.  In a small mixing bowl combine the garlic, basil, and salt with olive oil.  Allow this mixture to set so all the flavors can combine.

After the pasta is finished, all it to cool down until it's room temperature.  (I prefer this recipe at room temperature or slightly chilled.  When the pasta has cooled, combine the tomatoes, olives, and mozzarella pearls.  Lastly, cover with the oil mixture.  Again, allow the ingredients to mold together.

And there you have it.  A delicious, pasta salad dish for your next outdoor event.

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