My Springfield

I've heard a rumor that some people hate Springfield, Missouri, but I love that town.  I love the history.  I love the culture.  I love that it's a modern day Mecca to a couple of fellowships.  I just love Springfield.  Maybe it's the memories or maybe it's the atmosphere, but whatever it is, it's got it for me, well, with the exception of the drivers.

My sister Dalayna (she blogs over at Pointing Up if you care to meander over there) and I went on a short day trip to Springfield on Friday.  I did almost all the things I love to do and discovered some new treasures troves including some vintage shops.  (Those I know you will love.) order sequential order...I give you my Springfield.

An original play written and directed by Michaela Harris from Central Bible College. (Website)

Followed by a trip to a great store for all things vintage: Funtiques Market. (Facebook) I found a beautiful vintage hat to wear to Cathedral's ladies tea this weekend.  So beautiful.

If you're going to Springfield and you're going to be downtown then you have to stop in at The Cup and get a cupcake!  Yum.

Have you read A Beautiful Mess?  While if you haven't then you need to and you also have got to visit their vintage store Red Velvet.  Best. Store. Ever...probably.

Toes done.  Coffee drank.  Friend date.  Happiness.  Yes, all those things.

Almost done.  Promise.  So after all of that we came home to find that our little cousin had been in an accident.  I won't go into all those details just because it's quite gruesome, but our family has found time and time again that God heals.  My little cousin is now safe at home in Roland, Oklahoma, and recovering after only spending a short time in the hospital. 

Wonderful weekend with miracles and friendship and family and joy.  True contentment, I do believe.

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