Obsession #1: Downton Abbey

I have an admission to make.  This reveal may shock you because I know it does me every time I'm caught in a tight situation.  I am slightly...or maybe very...compulsive.  Sad, so sad, but nonetheless true.  I obsess over television shows, websites, Starbucks drink, restaurant menu items, books, until I am certain of ever character, every taste competent. every minuet detail and then I drop them and leave them for the next person.

This oh-so-despicable flaw has tortured me quite nearly the entirety of my life and has left me with no choice but to share my observations with you, my kind reader.  Therefore, let it be declared, my currant obsession is with the PBS Masterpiece series Downton Abbey.

I've attached a few pictures of some pieces that remind me of the series.  I think you will fall love with them too.

1, 2, 3-5, 6

I'm sure, as you can see, that more posts are to follow for I truly love old things. :)

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