Obsessions and Singing...or maybe it's Berryhill and Obsessions

Today is a very exciting day because today I am taking the students from the choir at Berryhill High School to Oklahoma state solo and ensemble contest.  I am so proud of these students because they have worked so hard and overcome so many adversities this past year.  These students are so talented and I know that they will sing beautifully.

A few of those fun, smart, talented Berryhill students.

But before I go I have to share my obsession with you.

I love these candles...

Supposedly they are hand made by a local family in Texas.  My favorite scent is Sleeping on Fallen Snow which is a mixture of Vanilla and Baby Powder.  They all smell so, so good and I have no doubt that you will love them.

They cost about $4 each and are supposed to burn for approximately 20 hours.  If you live in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area they are available to purchase at The Loft in Windsor Market, but I have also found a few online stores that they can be ordered through.

Have a wonderful day full of God's joy and blessing.

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