Beautiful Things...a look at the couture world

After viewing the pictures of the arrivals at the Grammys one word comes to mind.  Disappointment.  With the exception of Carrie Underwood and Rihanna, the artists, in my opinion, looked kinda, well...trashy.

But we need not fear.  We still have one more big show left in the season.  I was so inspired by the video on the making of couture gowns, I knew it had to be shared.

What strikes me most about this video is the care that is put into making one single gown.  These artisans take special care to design the fabric and dresses for one person to where down the runway or red carpet.

I believe this is an image of God's love for us.  He cares so greatly for each of us.  He's molded and made us into His grand design. Somehow, out of the scraps of life God creates a couture, special design, gown that fits only you.  Someone else might try to put the dress on, but it will never fit them just right.  It wasn't made for them.  It was made for you.

Hope you enjoyed the video.  And remember where your gown with pride.  It's so beautiful.

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