Moroccan Warmth

I've been really inspired by the colors of Moroccan design, so inspired that I've started collecting images.

Morocco is a country on the west side of the African continent. It shares shores with both the Atlantic and Mediterran Ocean.  It's location created a melting pot blending Arab, French, Middle Eastern and Spanish cultures.  This style lends itself to warm, bright colors and absolutely beautiful designs.

Below are a few pictures.  I've had a few problems sourcing some of the photos, but they are beautiful.

+  A great wall covering is a great place to start and how could you make a more powerful statement than to gold leaf a wall.  The gold will reflect light and make the room look big, but also keep the colors warm.  It's a great choice.  Bonus?  It can double as artwork.

+  Find an awesome couch and floor coverings with jewel tones.  Mix up the shapes and patterns.  We don't want your room to look matchy-matchy, but we must have all the pieces working together.

+  The more pillows the better especially when they carry over the jewel tones.  And feathers.  Love feathers.  In someways the feather element has gone the way of all fads, but they add so much to this style.  If you can find them, get them.

+  Lighting is key.  Focus on lighting fixtures that represent a middle eastern look.  Remember this style is the merging of African, Spanish, and Middle Eastern cultures.

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