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+  Have you ever wondered what celebrity bride you are most like?  Take the quiz.

+  I'm in love with these paper designs from Griottes!  They make me want to live in a fairy tale.

+  This reminds me of my one of my new favorite Psalms...Psalm 39.

+  When I saw this Valentine's table runner on It's Overflowing it was instant love.  Valentine's may be over, but this design can easily be used year round.

+  This magazine is so encouraging, enriching, and beautiful.  Check out Life:Beautiful.

+  Blogging has done several things in my life.  For one, it's opened my eyes to an entire world of people and information I never knew existed.  Interior design has always been an interest of mine.  That's why when I found House of Turquoise I knew it was love.  Did you see this house?  Love it.

Did you find any posts or articles that you enjoyed?  Maybe you wrote a post that you're especially proud of.  Leave them in the comments.  I'd love to read them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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