Holiday Cones

Today I'm guest posting for Kenzie at Life and Lemons.  It's her birthday week.  Stop by or tweet her.  I'm know it'd brighten her day to see a happy birthday wish from you.

This is a guest post that I wrote last week while she had company.  I thought that you might like the opportunity to read it too.  Stop my Jessica's blog The Lily White English Rose.  She has some really great reads.

Hello there.

My name is Danette and I blog at All My Love for All My Days.  Jessica asked me a group of us to guest post for her while she was hanging out with her friend and I was happy to post.  

Thank you, Jessica, for the opportunity.

Today I want to share a craft with you that can be used for many different occasions.  With the holidays quickly approaching this I know this could knowledge could really come in handy.  It seems to me that the little details are what make events over the top special.  This one will help put your table scape or party favors or guest rooms over the top.

Here's what you need.
  • random but coordinating colors/patterns of 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbook paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • embellishments
  • juke, yarn, or ribbon

Step #1--Line one side of the paper with glue or double side tape.  I chose Elmer's Glue Spots.  They're permanent and very convenient.  There's no dry time.

Step #2--Roll the paper, starting on the corner opposite your tape.  Roll into a cone.  It will be very similar to an ice cream cone.

Step #3--At this point we need to clip the tail off of the cone.  If you would like, leave the tail on and fold over the opening of the cone.  This might would come in handy if you are filling the cone with small objects such as nuts.

Step #4--Punch holes on the side and run your jute/yarn/ribbon through.

Step #5--Personally, I find this last step to be the most fun.  Embellish your cones.

And voilà!  There you have it.

Thank you again, Jessica, for the opportunity to guest post.  I know I appreciate the opportunity.  If you're looking for more ideas on Holiday entertain read here, here, and here.  Oh, and I have a giveaway happening right now.  Enter here.

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