Additions Not Subtration

I wanted to share some what I consider to be some exciting news with you.

I have added to the All My Love for All My Days blogging family!

Perfectly Pear is a brand new plus sized fashion and healthy living blog that come into this world today at about 11:30pm.  So far she is a bouncing, buddle of joy.

I am so excited to be taking this step for a number of reasons.  First, I have a difficult time finding fashion bloggers that I relate to.  Second, it's just a fact, what are normal fitness and health tips for a thin person just aren't for larger ones.  Last, I'm on a journey to health, but that's not going to come over night and in the meantime I don't believe that I have to look frumpy.

Perfectly Pear's manifesto is simply this: Live fashionably, healthy, and fully.

If this is a topic that interests you, I'd love you for to join us over at Perfectly Pear.  I assure you, All My Love for All My Days is my first blog love and always will be.

Thank you, Readers and Sponsors, for your continued support.  I truly admire you!


  1. I'm so excited about this new adventure Danette! As soon as Perfectly Pear starts accepting sponsors I want in :)

  2. Awesome!! I also just started a plus-size fashion blog called Full-Size Fashionista...basically for the same reasons as you! Good luck with your new venture! Very exciting! :)


  3. Interesting idea! I am not big enough to be considered a "larger" lady but I still think it's silly that a lot of advice/lifestyle tips are only directed at one body type of person. Not all of us can eat five almonds as a snack and then be fine with a salad for dinner.

  4. ahwh danette, I am so excited for this new blog! I am heading over there now! I can wear both regular women's but also plus size too,it just depends on the cut, brand and material!


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