The Bang Braid by the Crafty Ginger

Hello ladies!

I hope you week is finding you well.  Today I want to introduce you to Lauren from the Crafty Ginger.  I first "met" Lauren about a month ago when I stumbled across her blog and immediately  liked her blog.

I hope that you will take the time to stop by and follow her blog.  If you do decide to follow Lauren through GFC come back here, to All My Love for All My Days, and leave a comment saying that you followed.  I will choose one reader to win a large ad space.


Hey everyone! My name is Lauren,
my blog is The Crafty Ginger. I'm so excited to be over here at All My Love for All My Days. I would love if you came & visited my blog. Also, I'm on twitter, facebook, instagrampinterest.

Today I will be showing you how to do a bang braid! It's perfect for those days where your bangs aren't behaving or they are just too long.

1. You are going to take a section of your hair that you want braided. 
2. Take a slim section closest to your part & start french braiding. 
3. Continue braiding. Keeping it tight is important! 
4. Braid all the way down to your ear. 
5. Take a bobby pin & pin it behind your ear. 

Thank you so much, Danette, for having me! :) I had a lot of fun with this post & I hope you all learned something new!


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