All to Bring You Glory

One of Christ's most remarkable characteristic is, even though He is the Son of God, He laid down His rights as part of the God head and became a man.

He lived.

He hurt.

He felt the same pain we feel.

He probably even suffered from seasonal allergies a time or two, but all this He did because He loved us.

He died.

He gave His life because He loved us.

He laid down every part of who He is for our sins
     to restore us,
     to heal us,
     to bring us life again.

He died because that was they only way.

But He rose again to prove that we are never too far from His love.
     To prove His greatness and majesty.
     To demonstrate His vicarious victory of the grave.
     He rose again to remind us that we are more than conquers through His blood.

As we begin this holy week I pray we always live to bring Him glory alone.

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