Guess Who's Been Busy

I'm sure you've been visiting everyday just waiting with baited breath for a new post (how conceded is that?!?!), but things have been kind a busy.  (The self-centered-ness is on overload.  Tell me one person whose life isn't busy.)

Anyway, here's a few things that's happened this last week.

+  I turned 30 and my friends and sister (Dalayna from Pointing Up) through me a marvelous surprise birthday party!  More on that later...
My brother looks truly crazy, but we love him anyway.  I loved every minute of this night. Every minute.
+  I finished 9 out of 9 Biology quizzes with 55 minutes to spare.
+  I had to miss a wonderful breakfast with Julie from From Awkward to Art.  (I'm really disappointed about this, but I had to do those quizzes.
+  Found a new song that I can't wait to lead on Easter Sunday.  here

There were quite a few other things that I could add to this list like being sick, but this post is already bordering on a complant and I've really been working on being positive.

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