Christmas Playlist Part 1...Making Christmas Bright

Every party needs a good playlist, wait, no, a great playlist and I think I have one for you.  My tastes in music are about as eclectic as any come so you can be sure there's something for you and everyone on this list.

Click on the song to go to a video version. 

We Three Kings (feat. Mary Blinge) by Rob Stewart
Christmas Cookies by G. Love

This is only part one.  I'll have one other list in a week or two.  For now, my life is crazy.  Our production of Christmas at Cathedral is in one week.  It's crunch time, folks!


  1. Fantastic list here! Love your blog!

  2. I hope your production goes off splendidly! All glory to God!

  3. man...i need it like all on a cd playing continuously hhahhaa thanks hun

  4. Great songs! I love Christmas music.

  5. I did one of these last week but I love your picks!

    Sparkles and Shoes

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  7. Well, a great collection which suits for this season and I too can add these songs in my list.

  8. My son has this list, he likes them a lot and he knows the lyrics as well. He is 5 years old and he enjoyed the last Christmas.

  9. A perfect Christmas playlist you have shared with us. Love the songs!

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