Dressing the New Year

I think we all have one...that one designer who can't fashion anything poorly.  For me, that one designer is Michael Kors.  Even as a plus size woman his designs fit me perfectly.  It's as if he completely understands my body shape.  Believe me.  That's no easy task.

In the December issue on InStyle (page 192), I came across an article with five style lessons from Kors.
When I read them I thought to myself that's me.  I do that too.  Or in some cases I want to do that too.

But I think more than anything this article helped me to realize how little of my closet I actually use.  My closet and drawers and shoe bins are overflowing, but with clothes that I very rarely wear.  That is NOT good.  If I'm going to spend money on clothes why am I not wearing them?  This simply will not do.  (I would show you pictures on my closet, but I'm too embarrassed.  It's  terrible.)

So here's my goals...

After Christmas I'll have considerable more time.  I'm going to need something to do that is useful.  I think I've found my Christmas break challenge. 


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