Making Christmas Bright: DIY Clay Gift Tags

When I saw these ceramic tags on the Anthropologie website I really liked them, but I'm not going to pay $3 per package to add one to each gift.  If you're giving away 20 present and you put one of each that'd be $60 plus tax and shipping.

I decided to try to find something that would look similar and would meet my wrapping needs.  I think I came up with one that will do both.

Before we can get to the creating, we have to make the clay.  Now, you could buy clay at the art store, but seeing that the main reason for making these gift tags is to save money, that option didn't seem like a good idea.

This is the recipe I came up with.

After the tags have cooled decorate however you want to.  Use markers, paints, stamps...whatever you like.  I would suggest sealing the tags with a clear coat of paint.

Here's a few more pictures of the finished product.

Make sure to check back this week.  I'll show you how you can use your clay gift tags.

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