I am king...what else do you need to know

I, Jackson the Great, do declare that I will be allowed to sit on the my velvet throne and you will serve me blueberry oat treats until I want no more.  

I own the green velvet chair anyway.

Thus so ordered.  Thus it shall be.

Jackson the Great

What's that?  Oh, Mom has something she wants to say too.

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  1. lol i love these posts! Jackson is great!! :)

  2. oh i LOVE this post! i growing up we always had a miniature schnauzer. my first childhood dog was Webster, and then we he passed away we got Tucker. He passed away last July at the old age of 16. they are such great dogs. my husband is more of a labrador person so that's what we have now, but i really hope that someday i can bring home another schnauzer. cute blog, doll!

    1. Thank you. Jackson is like my best friend.

      I used to have a lab. Her name was Cherokee. She was such a great dog.


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