Women's Retreat Recap

Wow.  So it's been over a week since I've been back from Branson, Missouri, where we had the Cathedral of Praise Grace Women's Retreat.  (Read more about our discussion here.)  We really had so much fun...maybe even too much fun.  There is one thing that is undoubtedly true.  God changed lives during that retreat.  I know that He opened my eyes to several things about my personality that I've got to deal with if I'm going to be all God has destined me to be.

God's like that, you know.  He reveals areas, weaknesses, ideals in our lives that are unlike His character or that don't line up with His Word, but rather than just changing us (which would be so much easier) He leaves the us with the responsibility to fix those issues.  Oh, the power of the Holy Spirit is there to lead and guide us through the changes...but ultimately the choice to change is ours to make and the steps we take are ours to walk.

So here's some changes that I'm going to be working on...
1.  Be quiet more and listen.  Don't be pushy even though you believe to the very core of your existence that you're correct.  People don't respond well to that attitude.  And, yes, you are passionate about everything, but not everyone has to be passionate about everything too.
2.  Don't be so hard on yourself and on other people.  We are all sinners saved by grace.  You sin and mess up.  They sin and mess up.  Pray for God's grace to love with His compassion.  (I've been working on this one for a while, but I still have some more work to do.)
3.  STOP PROCRASTINATING.  You don't have to be afraid.  Just do what you know to do and continue to walk in God's Word.  The steps of righteous people are ordered of God.

Below are some pics of the trip.  If you ever go to Branson, please promise you will go to the College of the Ozarks and watch them milk the cows.  It was so cool...for real. :)

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