Parenting Series Week 1

This month I'm starting a parenting series.  These post will be about every other week and will last through the summer.  Now you might be thinking why would someone with no kids want to do a parenting series.  Well, quite frankly, I believe very much in the importance of family and in raising children with both roles of a father and mother.  Further, I look forward to the privilege of child raising with much anticipation and I want to be as prepared as much as possible for when God gives me that responsibility.  (Right now I'm working on the privilege of marriage, but all in due time.)

Today we have a special guest mom.  You can read more about my mothering experience with her here.)  Linda Dillon is her name and child raising is her game.  Over the course of her 53 years she has raised 4 children into adults.  But besides her own kids she has been a godly influence in many children and young adults lives.  As a pastor's wife she pioneered a youth ministry for the past 3 years.  That youth ministry is now fully functional and thriving with over 35 students, van ministry, and youth pastor.

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Now I give you Linda Dillon.

"When Danette asked me to write for her something on parenting I was trying to think of some profound saying or statement to make but I realized that some may just be starting their journey as a parent.  Others maybe thinking of planning their families.  Still others possibly are well into the parenting of their kids and may just need help.  So I must go back to the beginning where we started...reading.

No, no.  I'm not encouraging reading information books (while I'm sure they will help), but reading the Bible to the child whether born or not.  My husband and I started reading to Danette as soon as we realized we were expecting.  Each and everyday!  Out loud!  The Word of God came alive in her life at a young age and it helped us also.  It gave us peace in the night when we were up because fo those nasty ear infections.  It gave us comfort when the doctor told us they were running tests for meningitis.  It gave us wisdom to tell her no to things that might have lead her the wrong direction.  And the same was true for all our children.

Reading helped us bond with Danette, Dallas, Destiny, and Dalayna, and God.  We gained the wisdom and understanding we needed to raise our kids to be respectful, loving, kind people.  We also learned how to point them to Christ.  So read to them, the Word of God, and you will not just make it, you will thrive."

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