Is that Normal?

I decided to participate in Chalk in the Rain's link up.  This is really a neat idea.  Last week as I danced across down the hallway at work (there was no one looking) if that was normal behavior for a 20-something girl. 

Ok, here we go.

1.  Is it normal to Google yourself?
Absolutely.  A girl's got to protect her reputation.  Every histrionic personality knows that it's completely fine to be curious about what the internet has to say about you.  And besides, what if there's a terrible picture out there?

2.  Is it normal to pretend you are stuck in traffic as an excuse for being late?
Only if you are actually stuck in, if the traffic is bad (and if you live in Tulsa it's always bad) and you're already running late, then it's a perfectly acceptable excuse.

3.  Is it normal to have told someone they have bad breath?
NO!  How rude?  Give them some gum and you take a piece too.

4.  Is it normal to have worn the same undies 2 days in a row without washing them?
Gross.  Maybe extreme emergencies.

5.  Is it normal to put baby powder in your hair to degrease?
Completely normal. 

6.  Is it normal to have accidentally sent a nasty text/email to the person the e-mail/text was about?
Lotsa people have done it...normal?  I don't know.  I would hope that you wouldn't send a text of an email about a person.

7.  Is it normal to have lied to your doctor?
I think it's kinda normal although if you want to actually get better that's probably something to avoid.

8.  Is it normal to go an entire week eating cereal for dinner?
Ask any college student, it's normal.

9.  Is it normal to pull clothes out of the dirty laundry to wear?
Do I have to answer?  It's normal...especially jeans.

10.  Is it normal to re-gift a wedding gift?
Yes.  That's a given.  Understand, it's not that the gift wasn't appreciated in the beginning.  It's just maybe you didn't have time to go to the store.

There you have it.  It's this a cool link up?  You should definitely check out Chalk in the Rain!

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