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Clara from Happy in Life, Young in Love
I'm so, so happy that Clara is sharing here today.  I have no doubt that you will love this post.  I did.  Make sure you hop on over to her blog and follow along with her.  You won't regret it.

Hey there readers of "All My Love for All My Days"! I am Clara and I blog at Happy in Life, Young in Love. I am beyond excited to be on Danette's blog today! She is so sweet and has been so generous to allow me to ramble on today. This is me and my husband Ryan in this picture! {Don't you just love his bow tie!} I blog about anything and everything from recipes, my faith, our furry child {Sox} and lots more! I do hope you will drop in, but today we are talking all about the essentials: colors, music, and women role models. 

In an effort to let you know what I love and to hopefully introduce you to some new things, I thought I would share my favorite colors, in the form of an outfit, my top music right now, and a woman I greatly admire and why. 



My all time favorite color is deep purple. I think it is extremely flattering {it is the new black ladies, but much less boring!} and it is fun! It goes great with white in the summer and is really deep and pretty in the winter. Oh and looks good no matter what you hair color, another positive!! 
As far as essentials, I can't live without my Jack Rogers {the shoes} and Longchamp {the purse}. 
I bought both of them 4 years ago and haven't bought new dressy summer shoes or a new purse since!!

If you know me in the least, you will know I love some jams! 
Not on my toast silly, but the kind you dance to, worship to, and bang your head to. 
Yes, I love variety.
I feel like music has the ability to be so many things to us that is why it is so important to me to have different artists for different times.

I thought I would share my top 3 artists on my IPod with you all today. 

#1 Ellie Goulding
English Singer and Song Writer
Genre: Indie Pop
This is my go to music right now. I love her sound which is mostly soft and really unique. 
She sounds English, which makes her different from US Pop artists. You may know her for her radio hit "Lights" but I suggest you listen beyond that song. I promise you will love every song!! 
I did.

#2 Mumford and Sons
British Band
Genre: Folk and Rock 
Mumford and Sons may not be new to some of you, but they are such a great band. They have a sound like no other. I am NOT into rock and I love Mumford and Sons. I think that their lyrics are so meaningful and can really make you think hard!
This is an album to listen to all the way through!

#3 Jesus Culture
Genre: Christian Worship
Once again you may have heard of Jesus Culture, but I don't think I can sing their praise enough. {no pun intended hehe} I find that one of the best ways I can stay connected with my Savior is to constantly stay in worship with him through music. That is why I love Jesus Culture. The lyrics are scriptural and the music is contemporary. 

So now you know a lot about me, but I think that knowing who I admire and desire to be like would truly show you my heart. 

I think that I am most inspired by the story of Esther in the Bible. I am sure you are all familiar with the story of how Esther was chosen to be Queen and went through the 12 month beautification process. But in order to save the Jews, Esther must intercede to the King in order to save her people and she had no idea how he would respond, because she herself has hidden the fact that she was a Jew.

Esther's character is so strong and beautiful that it encourages me in my daily walk. 
Although I am sure I will never encounter the same situations, I can learn from her lessons and apply them to every situation. I want to be a woman of God in every situation from being a wife to being a mother and in my work situation. 

Thank you so much Danette for having me on your awesome blog! 
It is an encouragement to read your posts!

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