the Joy of the Lord is my Strength

Sometimes I get on these melancholy kicks.  I don't like myself very much when I feel this way.  I don't even really know why I feel down.  (I've taken many personality tests and they ALL read that I am a choleric/sanguine...never, NEVER, melancholy.)

Maybe it's all of the great students who are graduating and moving away to college.  Even though I know that they can change the world I'll miss them so much.

Maybe it's that my house has been tore up with a bathroom repair for a week.

Maybe it was the end of the season for Criminal Minds.

Maybe it was the 18 wheeler that almost killed injured me this morning. (Thank you, Jesus, for Your protection.)

Maybe it's the changing of the seasons.

Maybe it's just life and busy-ness of it all.

But regardless of the reason one thing is true above all.

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Truly, find Him and make Him your joy.  His love is waiting for you.  Does that mean that the bad stuff will just cease to exist?  Does that mean that life will be easy?  Does that mean that you will never have problems.  No, not at all.  His love doesn't prevent or protect us from every pain or hardship, but He walks with us through every situation.  He gives us faith to endure.

I've decided to stick with Him and I hope you will too.

Much love,

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