Mash Up Monday

So I'm just going to be ridiculously honest.

Weight Loss
I'm having an incredibly difficult time getting back on my weight loss kick.  I was doing quite good for a while but now...what's the point?  I've got to do this and do it right.

Have you ever wanted to just go on a real shopping spree?  Well, I do want to now.  Seriously.

The Brush Creek Bazaar
I'm working on a committee for the Brush Creek Bazaar.  The Brush Creek Bazaar is a huge crafting and handmade event that raises money for Teen Challenge of Oklahoma.  I'm super excited about the event in September, but I'm slightly behind on the scheduling that I'm supposed to be doing.  I've got to get on track so that I can reach my personal goal of being done by mid-June.

Cleaning/Organizing/Completing my goals
I'm making a commitment to myself to do a better job being organized which will lead to more cleaning and completing my goals.  I'm a total cleric at work, but the minute I walk in the door my sanguine personality comes out and I'm just flying.  Don't get me wrong, I love flying... prefer it actually...but I'm an adult.  It's time to grow up.

One last thing
I CANNOT wait for Sherlock Holmes to come out on DVD.  It's left the theaters here in Tulsa.  I'm so excited.

One more thing.  This Thursday will be my Very First Giveaway Ever!  Make sure you stop back by to join in on the giveaway.  The prizes total over $40.  And it's all going to one winner!

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