I have this problem...it's really not a problem, but sometimes it can really get in the way.  I like nice things.  I don't have to have a lot of them.  I just like walking through beautiful stores with beautiful things and thinking about how beautiful they are.

As previously mentioned before, one of those beautiful stores I love walking through is Windsor Market in Tulsa.  On one such stroll I found the best cream I've ever put on my hands.

Now you have to understand I have terribly dry skin especially in the winter.  My skin gets so dry that it cracks and bleeds.  Besides being unbecoming it is actually quite painful.  In the past I have tried so many products to try and prevent this from happening, but all to no avail.

Enters Mistral Luxury French Shea Butter Hand Cream

Although normally I would never spend $18 on lotion I tried the sample and now...well...now I'm obsessed.  Not only do I love the way my hands feel, but for once my hands are not in pain due to the cracked, bleeding skin.

Give it a try and I have no doubt that you will love it too!

My favorite scent is Verbena.

I hope that you have a pleasant day and a wonderful week.


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