Oh Yes I Did

This weekend was a weekend full of pin making challenges for me.  I was so inspired by working on my pins, I worked on some creations in my own mind too.  I hope you enjoy these crafts and possibly even make some of your own.

Here's a link to the original pin.

And here is my inversion.

The magnet additions were very easy to make.
1.  Fan fold the piece of book written paper.  (I used a dictionary that I purchased at a garage sale for $1.)
2.  Glue or affix the edges of the fan together with tape.
3.  Push the middle together and hot glue a protective circle punch
4.  Hot glue a 1 inch magnet to the protective circle punch.
5.  After I completed the book backdrop I added some sticker details.

These can be used in so many ways.  I love the fact that I can attach them to the cake stands or use them as magnets in the kitchen or office.

Have you tried anything that you've pinned recently?

One more thing.  Our very first giveaway ever will be announced this week.  Make sure you check back so you can be entered.  

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