My Mom Means the World to Me

I avoided writing about Mother's Day this past week mostly because I was short of time, but I have to tell you, my mom means the world to me.

Over the course of my life my mom and I have had some trying the time I called her a liar for not letting me dye Easter eggs...but my mom has also always...ALWAYS...supported and loved me.

During my senior year of high school I was in two AP classes and marching season for band.  Band in itself was a huge time commitment, but one night I had to stay up until 3:00 in the morning reading "A Tale of Two Cities" for a test the next day.  My mom stayed up the entire night and then got me up at 5:30 the next morning so that I could be at band.  That is true dedication.

Even after I became an "adult" she continued to love and support me.  During my junior year of college I was in a serious bus accident.  I remember coming home from New York and acting like I was fine.  I had a few physical difficulties after the accident, but honestly, I thought that emotionally I was fine.  Then one day I just broke down shaking and crying in the living room of my parents' house.  My mom came over to me and asked what was wrong.  "I don't know," was all I could say.  My mom just held me there and prayed for me.  By the end of the summer she would have done this same thing three different times.  I'm sure that seeing your adult daughter fall apart had to be emotionally wearing on her, but she didn't show it.  She prayed more.  She loved more.  She served more.  That is true dedication.

Because of my strong willed head and my stubborn heart, my mom and I have frequent disagreements, but I know that in all those disagreements she's just challenging me to be more and become a better version of myself for God's glory.

I love you mom and I hope I can demonstrate the same dedication and love that you have shown me when God blesses me with daughters and sons of my own.

Happy Mother's Day, moms.  And to all those moms to someday be, Happy Someday Mother's Day to you!

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