Notes from Jackson

Mom, please, I know that I'm not supposed to have chocolate, but I don't think that one bite of that one cookie you've got there will hurt me.  In fact, it maybe just what I need to go to sleep tonight.

Seriously, please.

I'll pose for a picture.  Please.  Pleeeeeeaaaaaase.

Never mind.  The allergic reaction I'm having to the new Frontline you gave me is killing me.  I can't stop itching.  Aaaaaagh!

*Poor baby. :(  Well, I've got to clean this house.  The bathroom is finally fixed and ready to be put back in order after a week of total mayhem.


  1. OMG mr. jackson is adorable!! lol and you're so cute too! thank you for the follow and i follow you now too! I love making new friends! you're so dang cute! we are like twins!

  2. Oh my gawd this was hilarious. Love him. I'm such a sucker for giving the puggle food.

  3. must be a schnauzer? So handsome. I'm your newest follower. I love chocolate chip cookies too... but never get them. But ... mom will make a few without chips in them just to share with me. My brother is a schnauzer ... but I'm full Yorkie and proud. I of course, rule the roost here. would love you to join my Puppy Love Photo Party that just opened up today. It's a once a month photo party...just to share lots of our beautiful mugs. But...every month there's a giveaway too. This time is a petsmart card. So...I hope to see you soon....I'll be back. Blake

    1. Jackson will link up. Thanks for the clue. ;)

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